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Altar Guild
Director - Connie Whyte
Monthly Meeting - 4th Sunday following the service; meeting alternate between the 8:30 & 11:00 am serivces

The mission of the Altar Guild shall be to prepare for the worship of the church as directed by the clergy, provide suitable furnishing and decoraton of the Altar and to take due and reverent care, furnish and care for the vestments of its ministry, care for the font and have general oversight of the proper cleansing of the church. 

Director - Dwayne Cox 
Monthly Meeting - Last Saturday at 10:00 am
Sacred Vessels

Acolyte means an attendant or folower.  An Acolyte is to assist the celebrant (the priest in charge of a worship serivce) and enhance the worship service to help glorify God.  Serving as a acolyte is a commitment of your time and talent to the Lord's service.  

Brotherhood of St. Andrew
Director - Reginald Scantlebury 
Monthly Meeting - 2nd & 4th Sundays after 11:00 am service

A ministry for the spread of Christ's kingdom among men and the youth in the Episcopal Church and Anglican Community. 

Choirs of St. George's Church
Choirmaster & Organist - George Davey

The choir is an integral part of worship.  It supports and enhances the sung praises of the people.  Hence the choir is an important leader in worship and gives musical expression to the Word of God through anthems etc. 

Chancel Choir
Weekly Meeting - Tuesdays  - 7:30 pm

Cursillo Diocese of Long Island
Leader - Barbara Cardin
Monthly Meeting - First Saturday - 400 pm (February/May/August/November)

The purpose of Cursillo is to help those in the Church to understand their indivudual calling to be Christian leaders.  Any Episcoplian, twenty-five years of age or older may attend a Cursillo.   

Voices of Praise Gospel Choir
Weekly Meeting - Fridays - 7:30 pm

Youth Choir
Weekly Meeting - Fridays  - 5:00 pm 

Men's Chorus

  The Daughters of Miriam Praise Dance Ministry
President - Josephine Williams
Weekly Meeting - Mondays - 7:00 pm

The mission of the Daughters of Miriam is to invoke a spiritual upliftment by expressing and worship through dance.  To inspire others to open their hearts and to receive God's blessing through the ministry of dance.  Through faith and devotion we set an atmosphere of anointing through dance. 

ECW (Episcopal Church Women) 
President - Victorine Foster
4th Sunday - after the 11:00 am Service

The mission of the ECW is to support all persons in their mission and ministry in the world.

1st & 3rd Sunday - 11:15 a.m.

Men's Day Committee
President - Lascelles Daniels
Monthly - Last Friday of the month  

Mother's Union
Enrolling Member - Gretelle Phillips
Meeting - First Sunday of the month

The Mother's union is an international Christian Ministry that provides prayer, worship and service to help improve the condition of families with adversities. 

Praises to God Music and Tape Ministry
President - Barbara D. Cardin

Praises to God Music & Tape Ministry is an on-going ministry.  It is a way to provide a copy of the service to those who cannot attend.  Many parishioners purchase tapes to share with family and friends.  When we do so, it becomes a form of evangelism.  When they hear the music or the sermon for that day, it may be just what they needed to carry them through the day or the week. 

Praying Hands Prayer Ministry
Director - Jackie Dixson
Noontime Prayer - Tuesdays, 12:00 pm

The Prayer ministry intercede for others in a spirit of confidentiality by prayer and supplication.  To allow the spiritual way to prepare to ake a difference in lives and circumstances through answered prayer. 

Rector's Guild
President - Kathleen Greene
3rd Sunday - Alternate Services

The mission of the Rector's Guild is to be of service and assistance to the Rector in the church.  Our purpose is to work for the good and welfare of the church and to do a good deed every year. 

St. George's HIV/aids
President - Helena Burden

A ministry doing its part to stem the pandemic of HIV/AIDS especially in Bedford-Stuyvesant and the surrounding communities of color, our mission stresses education, prevention, referral and testing. 

St. Luke's Guild
President - Denise Harris
Monthly - 2nd Saturday, 1:00 pm

To promote a healthy lifestyle for parishioners and community through health education, health promotion and healthy eating habits. 

St. Martin DePorres
President - Natalie Johnson
Monthly - 4th Saturday - 11:00 am

The mission of the the Guild is to be of service and assistance to the community surrounding the church and to the church family.  Our mission isin keeping with the ideals that St. Martin demonstrated during his life. 

Stewardship Committee
President - Barbara Cardin
Monthly - Last Thursday, 7:00 pm

Mission is focused on improving stewardshiop awareness in our church.  Our goal is to educate ourselves and the congregation including the youths on roles as stewards through workshops, literature, personal testimonies and role playing. 

Sunday School
Superinendent - Joan Mahon-Powell
Asst. Superintendent - Josephine Williams

Weekly - Every Sunday 9:00 am; Sunday School Teachers and Board Members meet the first Sunday of each month; Sunday School Parent Association meetings are held monthly as neded. 

Our mission is to lead our young people into a closer walk with God through the doctrine and teachings of the church, the sacraments and the Holy Scriptures; and to assit them in following the footsteps of Jesus Christ, our Savior, by our word and example. 

President - Anthony Hinds
Monthly - 4th Sunday, 11:00 am