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Music @ St. George's

St. George's Episcopal Church choirs are directed by the Organist and Choirmaster, George Davey BM, MSM. 

The choir is an integral part of worship.  The choir supports and enhances the sung praises ofthe people.  Hence the choir is an important leader in worship and give musical expression to the Word of God through anthems etc. 



Youth Choir                                                 Sundays, after the 10:00 am service 
​                                                                      In the Choir Room

Sunday School Chorus                              Sundays (as needed)

Voices of Praise - Gospel Choir                Friday, 7:30 PM  to 9:30 PM

Chancel Choir                                             Tuesday, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Men's Chorus                                              Sundays  (as needed)  after 10:00 am

Festival Chorus                                           Sundays (as needed) 


The History of St. George's Organs


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